If you’ve attended an auction in person or have seen one on TV, like Storage Wars on A&E, you’ve seen the excitement and anticipation of buyers bidding on units. At Climer’s Auctions we keep that momentum going to get the highest bids possible for your units. With sharp verbal skills and a quick wit, the auctioneer keeps the crowd focused, and the sale moving at a steady clip. When you couple that with courteous service and attention to details, Climer’s Auctions can make the experience enjoyable as well as profitable.

The single most important role Climer’s Auctions takes on, is that of a marketing expert. Climer’s Auctions are adept at marketing a client’s property through the appropriate media to reach a specific audience. We are able to attract those individuals most interested, and therefore, most willing to buy within our market. The ability to market auctions and merchandise effectively comes from an intimate knowledge of all types of merchandise, its value, the demand for such merchandise, and the targeted market. And with over 35 years in the industry we do just that! We are your Storage Auction Specialists!

What we can do for you:

If you are a storage company with clients behind on their payments, and need to get units back into circulation for paying customers, give us a call. We will be happy to go over the process, and answer any questions you may have. We also offer Lock Cutting/Inventory of units to help free up your staff to focus on your customers. We promote and advertise each auction through social media and other media to thousands of potential buyers. We conduct your auction in person, never subcontracting.  At the conclusion of every auction we go over the paperwork, settlement, and payment with your manager, and answer any questions they may have. Give us a call 714-270-7381

For Buyers: To be added to our “QUICK RESPONSE” text list, text your full name to 714-270-7381 This is our way to notify you of last minute changes and cancelations. Your information is never given out to anyone for any reason!

To receive our current schedule, go to the Contact us page and give us your email. We DO NOT give this information out for any reason and WILL NOT send you junk mail! You will only receive our schedule and any updates as we get them so you can better plan your auction routes.