Terms & Conditions of the Auctions

Please read. In using this website you are deemed to have read and agree to all the terms and conditions. You agree to these terms and conditions by attending the auction.

  1. Auction is conducted in compliance with Section 2328 of the Commercial Code, Section 21700 of the Business and Professions Code and section 535 of the Penal code and the provisions of the California Civil Code.
  2. This sale is a legal transfer of ownership. The valid satisfaction of a lien legally transfers ownership of the contents to the buyer. The buyer must remove all of their items from the premises by CLOSE OF BUSINESS on the next day unless other arrangements are made with the facility Manager. Anything not removed in the time allotted is considered abandoned and will be removed. The deposit will NOT be refunded and attendance at future auctions may be denied. The facility manager may file a small claims action in court to recoup the cost of clean out. Take everything, you own it! No third party sales at storage facilities. 
  3. New buyers, full payment in cash may be required upon final bid. This includes any sales tax, buyers premiums and security deposit. You must have the total amount in cash for payment of the unit. You cannot leave the facility grounds to obtain more money. If you leave the facility grounds before full payment is made your bid will be voided, you forfeit the unit, and it will be re-sold by the auctioneer. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  4. ALL purchases are CASH immediately after the sale or upon demand or the unit will be re-sold. Buyer cannot leave to get money! Consider deposits (Deposit Policy) and taxes in your bid. There is a 15% buyers premium over and above your final bid.
  5. A refundable deposit, minimum of $100.00, is charged for each unit sold. The amount of the deposit is at the discretion of management and/or the auctioneer and may be set at any time before or after the unit is sold.
  6. All Buyers without a valid resale number on file with us must pay state sales tax at the rate for the county in which the sale is held. It is the buyers responsibility to carry a copy of his or her resale number. (keep a picture of it on your phone)
  7. Do not use facility dumpsters without permission.
  8. All lots/units are sold as is, where is. No warranties are implied or expressed as to fitness, salability or condition. Buyer beware, you are buying at your own risk. All sales are final and absolute!
  9. Management and auctioneer reserve the right to bid for units if an announcement is made prior to the start of the auction for said units.
  10. No smoking in any building or units.
  11. We ask the buyer to return all personal papers, photos, identifications and other personal items in the unit to the manager. Identify these items with the unit number from which they were removed. Please return personal items.
  12. Prospective buyers please view unit from the doorway only. Do not go into units, open boxes or touch any items in units. Violation may result in expulsion.
  13. No one under 18 is allowed at the auction unless accompanied by an adult.
  14. All persons must register to attend and/or participate in the sale. A valid address & phone number is required. Have your resale number when registering. We verify all resale numbers.
  15. Management has the right to withdraw a unit from the sale at any time for any reason.
  16. Any person attending the sale, or removing goods from units sold, assume all risks of damage and/or loss to their person and property and specifically release Climer’s Auctions and the Storage Company from any and all liability arising out of these acts. Neither Climer’s Auctions nor his principles shall be held liable by reason of any defect in or condition of the premises on which the sale is held. Please, Be Careful!
  17. We are not attorneys and do not offer legal advice.  Any communication with our employees is not to be interpreted as legal advice, and information on our website is for informational purposes only. Unit sizes and information may not be accurate for every unit. We will do our best to get the most current information to you.
  18. The auctioneer reserves the right to refuse (not accept) any bid from any person who is disruptive or has caused a problem for the current facility, other facilities or at any prior auctions. California Commercial code 2328, paragraph 2, Auctioneer’s decision is final in the event of disputed bids on bid closing!
  19. Prospective buyers must have their own locks to protect their purchase. The facility is not responsible for securing the unit after the auction.