Cleaning Deposit

All buyers are charged a refundable deposit when they buy units

There is a minimum $100.00 refundable deposit charged for each and every unit sold by Climer’s Auctions. The deposit is refunded to the buyer, by the facility manager, if the unit(s) they purchase are completely empty and left in a clean, satisfactory condition(No trash, everything removed in the time period set at the sale).

If for any reason any person who buys a unit does NOT satisfactorily clean out the unit(s) completely and/or does NOT leave the unit(s) in a clean, satisfactory condition in the time allotted at the sale, this buyer shall be charged a larger deposit (up to 400.00) for each unit at all future auction at any facility.
The buyer is completely responsible for the unit contents removal and cleanup. No exceptions!

The facility manager can bring suit against you in court action to collect any clean up charges.

Only the people who leave units in an unsatisfactory condition will have a problem with this policy and are not welcome!