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Lindsey Climer

Lindsey Climer

Lindsey Climer was born and raised in Tennessee. In the early 80’s he moved to California, where he began to develop his skills as an auctioneer. Lindsey and his family live in Orange County, where he has served the community for many years.

Having gained extensive experience within many types and styles of auctioning over the years, Lindsey has found his skills particularly suited to the unique requirements of Storage Auctions as well as Charity and Benefit Auctions, Abandonment and Estate Auctions– Skills which he applies to ensure the highest dollar return for each of his clients. Early in 2000 he was introduced to Dick Sidders and was asked to come on board with Sidders Auctions. From that time on he and Mr. Sidders have formed a close bond and are excited to rebuild and grow the auction business to its former status. Renamed “Climer’s Auctions” together Lindsey and Dick represent over 65 years in the auction business. Honesty and integrity are their cornerstone.

It’s great to work with a reputable company that is fair to everyone.

Our goal is to maintain that level of service to every client.


In Honor of Richard “Dick” Sidders

Dick Sidders

Dick Sidders was born and raised in Giltner, Nebraska. He was elected as High School President for 3 years. Served as a highly Decorated Tailgunner on the B-29 planes (27 Combat Missions) during World War II and was stationed on Tinian Island in the Pacific. After the War, his Father and two Brothers started a Family Auction business and he has been in Auction business since that time.

Dick moved to California in 1963, and along with his many years in the Auction Business he has been specializing in Storage Auctions for the past thirty years. Mr Sidders will be greatly missed by all in the auction community and those of us who knew him as “Dad”.